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Retail Space Organization Services In Atlanta, GA

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Customers Need Ease Of Access To Buy. Messy Store? Messy Income!

As we experience a new awakening about the power of tidy spaces for our homes, don’t forget to include your retail space in your organizing and effective merchandising efforts.

We apply thoughtful design and storage approaches to your retail space. We are happy to help transform and reorganize any retail space, whether it's customer facing, or your inventory room.

Our professional retail organizer in Atlanta, GA are happy to put the zen back into your retail store. Let our professional retail and office organizers visit you, share our ideas, and transform your retail store with effective, aesthetic and functional systems. We'll focus on establishing systems that aid in better tracking of inventory and supplies and visual merchandising for ease of access as our main goals.


Why Use Our Retail Space Organization Services?

Curious to know if our retail organization services are the right fit for you?

Reorganizing retail spaces and offices can be a daunting or time-consuming task for busy managers and employees, but our experts at Tidied by K aim to make the experience as simple and efficient as possible.

Even if you think your office or retail space is too disorganized to handle, think again—there is no job too big for our professional organizer. Our services are perfect for Atlanta business owners who don’t have the extra time needed or the inspirational ability to get organized and reclaim their retail space but are in dire need of streamlining systems to make work more efficient and productive for all utilizing the space.

Organized boutique store, tidied by k, atlanta, georgia
Organized boutique store, tidied by k, atlanta, georgia

Our Professional Retail Space Organization Process

The ultimate goal is to have an environment that allows you to serve both your staff and your customers to have a better experience in your space. TBK can revolutionize your business’ retail space and we’d love to partner with you to do it.

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At Tidied by K, the retail organization process begins with a space audit (our version of a consultation) that allows us to understand your current environment and your vision for the project.

After evaluating your space, our professional retail space organizer in Atlanta will develop a plan that best suits your store’s needs and organizational goals. Whether your goals are simple or thorough, we’re happy to collaborate, create a layout, and boost both customer and employee satisfaction. 

Not only do we leave your retail space better organized and inviting to customers, but we teach you how to maintain your store’s inviting zen atmosphere. Having a background in public education, Kenika loves imparting her organizational wisdom and philosophy to her happy clients.

The total cost depends on several factors, including the size and scope of the project and whether or not we are supplying new design features, elements, and decor. 

Our professional retail space organization services start at $5,000

Kenika Williams, professional organizer, tidied by k

Get Results With Tidied by K

When we arrive to organize your retail space or office, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want. As a result of many years of professional organizing, our team is more than ready to perform the project independently. That said, we’re happy to involve you more with the process if you want to learn our process of fully decluttering and organizing in your space.

That way you’ll get 1:1 insight into how the brain of a professional organizer works and how we process our decisions to find functional and practical organizing solutions that are specific to your needs.

Connect with us and we’ll share our thoughts on getting your office and retail space organized and working more effectively for you.