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Where Professional Organization And Functional Aesthetics Meet

Our professional organizers in Atlanta, GA helps home and business owners strike the perfect balance between functionality, beauty, and organization. Tidied By K’s unique, client-tailored professional organizing services help you reclaim your space, resolve clutter-based stress and anxieties, and bring harmony to your home or office.


Why Use Our Home Organization Services

Curious to know if our home organization services are the right fit for you?

Our professional organization process is streamlined and efficient, but your professional organization experience is designed to be educational, supportive, and judgment-free. We help instill the knowledge, confidence, and know-how to get organized, stay organized, and thrive.

Most of our clients have tried to tidy their spaces individually, but recognize they need a little more support. We aim to empower you to find the support you need and take action. Our services are inclusive of strategy, functional, and beautifully designed systems all using the same can manage and upkeep long-term.

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Our Home Organization Process

Here’s what happens when you partner with Tidied by K to add a bit of order in your home:
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Every project starts with a space audit. This gives us the opportunity to meet you and your space, learn more about your biggest aspirations for your space, and offer you a package to meet your very specific needs.

This is the most hands on you’ll have to be, (although you can participate more if you’d like… or not!). We will work through the goals you have for each space we’re tackling and I will coach you through the process of editing the items you currently own to make space for the items you absolutely love, need, and use.

It’s time to organize. I will work to create functional and beautiful systems that will work for you. Now that everything you own is
what you actually love, use, and need, it’s only a matter of finding the most perfect way to display it so that it is accessible, functional, and organized.

During this phase, it’s time to honor the work. Now, we focus on walking you through the systems to ensure you know which habits need to be cancelled and what new habits and routines you need to adopt. This phase is all about honoring boundaries to maintain the order.

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Get Your Home Organized With Tidied By K

If you need the help of a professional organizer look no further than Tidied By K. We help uplift families and businesses by helping them get the most out of their space. We help them take back control from the forces of chaos and disorganization and find the balance between professional organization and functional aesthetics.

It’s time to reclaim your space! Schedule a virtual space audit call or in-home assessment using the link below. Looking forward to connecting with you!