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Our Professional Organizing Services In Virginia-Highland, GA

Tidied by K is a unique professional organizing service that helps clients reclaim their space, resolve clutter and the stress that comes with it, and bring overall harmony into the home or office. Our professional organizer in Virginia-Highland, GA, helps individuals and businesses create a balance between functionality and beauty within their space.

At Tidied By K, our goal is to add greater functionality, beauty, and organization to spaces at home or in the office. Our professional organizer, Kenika, helps you reclaim your space, resolve the stress and tension caused by clutter and disorganization, and achieve harmony in the places you live or work.

Whether we are organizing your home or helping your business manage inventory, each Tidied by K session begins with a Space Audit (our version of a consultation). This personal audit will help us develop your professional organization plan.
From here, the work begins. We tailor organizational systems that meet your specific needs. During this phase of the process, the Tidied by K team will assess the organizational challenges, categorize your belongings, and consider placement, storage, and access.
We love seeing the joy, relief, and hope our professional organizing services inspire in our clients. Whether it’s your home, workspace, or other important space, we bring our brand of functional aesthetics and professional organization to work for you.


We’ve Helped Well Over 220 Clients And Counting

They had NO idea how much having the structure would change their lives!

Now before we dive in too deep, I've got to make sure we're on the same page about a few things.

1. Having an organized home that fuels you is NOT a nice to have... it's a necessity.
2. No, your home is not too small.
3. You don't need to move and start over.
4. No, you don't need to go buy anymore organizing products to create a little order in your home.
5. Having a home that is designed just for you IS a possibility for you.

If you're struggling to create a bit of order at home (or any space for that matter), 1. you're in the right place 2. keep reading to see how we can serve you.

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professionally organized and decorated dining room atlanta, georgia


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What sets TBK apart from other professional organizers in GA?

Our process is professional and efficient, but it also emphasizes educating our clients. The experience leaves our clients feeling educated, supported, and never judged. We want to transform your space so that it is the best possible place for you to inhabit, but we also want to leave you with the knowledge to stay organized.

At TBK, our professional organizer has a background in public education and believes that part of the joy of organizing is helping people grow and change their lives for the better.


Professional Organizing Services We Offer In Virginia-Highland, GA

At Tidied By K, we use functional aesthetics and professional techniques to create our own unique brand of organizing so that we can help you completely transform the environment of your space. We can help you revitalize your home or workplace, but we also do so much more. Below are all the services our professional organizer in Virginia-Highland, GA offers.

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Tidied by K Home

Home Organization

Our professional organizer will transform your home into a beautiful, exceedingly functional, and impressively organized dream space using our professional organization process.

Tidied by K Home

Office & Commercial Space Organization

If your office space is disorganized, messy, and aesthetically uninspiring, then productivity and employee satisfaction will suffer dramatically. Hire us to create a productive space for you and your team to work.

Tidied by K Home

Move Management

Kenika and the Tidied By K team can help you declutter pre-move, pack up your belongings, then unpack and organize upon your arrival in a matter of days of moving in your new home.

Tidied by K Home

Retail Space Organization

Tidied By K can revolutionize your business's retail space and make it more inviting, drawing your customers inward and keeping them engaged with your products.

Tidied by K Home

Warehouse Organization and Space Planning

If your warehouse is having serious organizational issues and needs an organizational overhaul, Tidied By K can help.

Tidied by K Home

School and Classroom Organization

From classroom space management to school supplies and inventory management, Tidied By K can make your school happier, healthier, and more productive.

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Get Your Virginia-Highland Home Or Business Organized With Tidied By K

If you need help getting organized, whether for your home, office, store, or classroom, choose Tidied By K, the professional organizer with a personal touch. We help people take back control of their space, showing them the potential of their homes, businesses, and the potential within themselves.

It’s time to reclaim your space! Schedule a virtual consultation or in-home or in-office assessment with our professional organizer in Virginia-Highland, GA using our calendar tool.


Home Can Be Simple When It's Organized. That's Our Hope For You.

Our mission is to help you fall in love with your home by way of having beautiful and functional organizing systems. Life can get hard- there’s no reason life should be hard at home, too.

We work with you to streamline every system and item in your home. The goal is to ensure you learn our process to maintain the systems we establish for you longterm and are proud to call your home HOME.

Our vision is for every home we walk into to be comfortable, organized, and beautiful. No exceptions.

Professional Organizer Atlanta, GA


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Check out our blogs for our professional organizing tips and tricks, project case studies, and organizing product recommendations. You'll enjoy reading them if you're inspired to DIY some of your organizing projects around your home and office!


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Meet Kenika, Professional Organizer in Virginia-Highland, GA

Hey there! I’m Kenika. I’m an Atlanta-based, multi-faceted professional home organizer and business coach. Naturally, I have an eye for functional aesthetics and a heart for helping others. Blending my passion for education, organization, and productivity, I’m able to fuse my strengths with an authenticity that is inspirational and encouraging but also action-based.

Offering professional home and office organizing services in Virginia-Highland, GA is my unique way of serving the community and gifting the resource of time and productivity to those who need and want it most.