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Professional Classroom Organization For Schools In Atlanta, GA

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Classroom Organization is Essential For Effective Teaching

Does Your School Need Professional Decluttering and Organization Services?

Are disorganization and clutter getting in the way of your students’ education? Is it difficult to access the supplies and materials you need to conduct your lesson plans effectively? Is the layout and design of your classroom causing problems with your teaching flow and preventing your students from thriving?

Tidied By K offers professional classroom organization for schools that need help getting organized. Kenika and the Tidied by K team are ready to put their skills and insight to work for your students. 

Ready to learn how TBK can help your school? Schedule your classroom organization consultation and space audit today.

Professional Organization Services For Schools From a Teacher

Curious to know if our school and classroom organization services are the right fit for you?

Having spent two years working as an educator, Kenika is no stranger to the public school system. She knows firsthand that effective education starts with the classroom itself. Every minute counts when you are teaching a classroom full of children—every minute spent searching for materials or moving students about the room is time not spent learning how to thrive.

Having a well-organized classroom and overall school building allows teachers to focus on teaching and gives the students the greatest opportunity of learning without distraction and overstimulation.

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Our School & Classroom Organization Process

The ultimate goal of our professional classroom organization for schools is to have an environment that allows you to serve both your team and your customers to have a better experience in your space. TBK can revolutionize your business’ retail space, and we’d love to partner with you to do it.

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Our unique process starts with you and the space you want to improve. During the consultation, we get to know you and develop an understanding of your pain points. We also observe your space to get a better picture of what we need to accomplish. 


Then, we’ll devise your classroom organization plan. This usually involves a space redesign and a total reorganization of inventory and supplies. Our goal is to make your classroom practical, accessible, and functional for the benefit of teachers and students.

After we are done, we reveal our work to you and the other teachers impacted by our classroom organization services. We ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work during this step. We also leave you with organizational tips and strategies for staying organized throughout the year.

Classroom organization services for a single classroom start at $750. If there are multiple spaces—classrooms, storage and supply rooms, or offices- the cost for organization services starts at $2,500.

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Discover How TBK Can Help Your Teachers And Students Thrive

Quality education needs accessible, functional, and organized learning spaces. Ready to help your teachers and students thrive in a reorganized and optimized classroom? Schedule your space audit and consultation today.